Before asking a question, first check the Tutorial page and the tutorial video playlist at the bottom of this page, there’s a good chance you’ll find the answer to your question. On this page you can find an answer to the frequently asked questions. Please read this sheet first before asking a support question on our Discord. To report an issue related to Emulga, please do so on the #report-issues channel on our Discord.


How to expand the SD card to its full capacity?

A. Use this version of Partition Guru on your PC. Insert the card to your PC. Open partition guru. You’ll see recalbox, boot and share2. Right click on share and you’ll see extend partition. Click on it and just follow what it tells you to do. You can also do this with Gparted in Linux.

How to scrape new games like in your romsets/image?

You can find the UXS mix image profiles in the theme zip archive. You can download the theme here. Follow the included instructions text file.

Configure the PS4 controller in bluetooth

Before pairing your DS4 controller make sure in the options menu of Recalbox that you select the option “Clear bluetooth list”. The buttons will work but not the light. To make the buttons work go to the Recalbox admin console and navigate to “recalbox.conf” in the section “system power switch option” uncomment the last two lines. Reboot.

The Recalbox-Next theme is broken.

A. Login to your Recalbox in SSH (password=recalboxroot). Go to root “/” and from there navigate to /recalbox/share_init/system/.emulationstation/themes/recalbox-next – In that folder locate the “mame” folder and right click, press duplicate and rename “mame” to “arcade” without brackets. Refresh gamelist and the theme will work correctly.

Wrong screen resolution in ES and/or in game.

A. If you don’t have a 16:9 screen or your screen got issues to display correctly, you’ll need to update the config file in the BOOT partition. You can access the BOOT partition by connecting our SD card on the computer. You have to set the correct “hdmi_group=x” and “hdmi_mode=x” value according to your destination monitor. Find the correct values in this list https://elinux.org/RPiconfig#Video_mode_options

I get a black screen on boot with my DVI monitor.

A. If you want to use a DVI monitor using an HDMI to DVI cable you need to edit the config.txt file in the BOOT partition which is accessible via your computer. Comment out the line “hdmi_drive=2”.

Nintendo 64 is showing the games in 16:9 or a wrong aspect ratio.

A. The emulator is already configured to output a 4:3 video signal. Often your TV or monitor will automatically stretch the image to 16:9. You simply have to go in your monitor settings menu and change the “Display Mode” to “Aspect” instead of “Full”. The terms may change depending on the brand of your tv/monitor. There’s no configuration file you can change on the RPI3 itself, everything is already configured.

How do I remove the overlays?

A. Connect via network and navigate to share/system/configs/retroarch Before you delete anything be sure to keep the folders and those 2 files “retroarchcustom.cfg” and “retroarchcustom.cfg.origin” Delete all the %system.cfg files. This will remove all the overlays per system.

Neogeo is set in home console (AES) mode. How do I change it to the arcade (MVS) mode?

A. To change the Neogeo bios to arcade instead of home console. Press Hotkey + X and in Retroarch menu Quick Settings > Options > Change “Force Neo Geo mode” option to “UNIBIOS” and also change the “BIOS” option to “Universe BIOS ver. 3.2”.

If this step doesn’t work and you have the issue bringing you back to the gamelist, just follow this manual troubleshooting tip. Navigate to “share\system\configs\retroarch\cores” and modify the “retroarch-core-options.cfg” file at line “fba-neogeo-mode = “AES”” change “AES” to “UNIBIOS”.

Temporary overlays fix for the beta arcade.

A. Some vertical games have a slightly different resolution making it not fit the overlay correctly. You can do them manually 1. Press Hotkey + X button to go in Retroarch Menu. Press back to go to root menu 2. Settings > Video > Aspect Ratio (set to custom) > Adjust the 4 values under Custom to match the overlay 3. Back to root > Quick Menu > Save Game Overrides. You can fix the games you play the most like that.

As for 1942, some vertical games are in 4:3 but they should be in custom. That’s a mistake as we were using a special overlay for that game back then but we haven’t updated the config file. You can add the overlays yourself though. 1. Press Hotkey + X button to go in Retroarch Menu. Press back to go to root menu and then 2. Settings > Video > Aspect Ratio > Core provided (so the overlay doesn’t hide the retroarch menu) 3. Back > Onscreen Display > Onscreen Overlay > Overlay Preset > arcade > arcade-v.cfg 4. Back > Back > Video > Aspect Ratio (set to custom) > Adjust the 4 values under Custom to match the overlay. 5. Back to root > Quick Menu > Save Game Overrides.

Metal Slug 3 on Neogeo is laggy and/or crash.

A. Disable the scanlines shader. In the frontend press Start > Games Settings > Shaders Set > None. You can still play with other shaders pressing Hotkey + L2 in game.

Bluetooth controller does not work on Odroid XU4

In order to get the bluetooth controllers to work on the Odroid XU4 you need to connect it manually. You can do so by following this tutorial.