Play with Wiimote as a light gun

Here is a tutorial to show you how to play with a WIIMOTE as a lightgun.
You will be able to play Mame games (arcade) and NES games using your wiimote as a gun.


  • Dolphin bar, ONLY this one
  • wiimote, official or not
  • The last version of Recalbox
  • A Mame2010 romset preferably


  • Step 1 :
    Plug your Dolphin Bar in USB port 1 of your Raspberry, the one in the left top corner.
    On Odroid Xu4 it will be the one on the top of the couple USB on the front.
  • Step 2 :
    Start your Recalbox
  • Step 3 :
    Synchronized your Wiimote with your Dolphin Bar.
    How to :
    Set your Dolphin Bar on Mode 2 (right button on the bar)
    Press the Sync button on the left of the bar
    Start your Wimote
    Press simultaneously the buttons 1 and 2 at the bottom of your Wiimote
    Wait a few secondes, your Wiimote should synchronized, the blue leds 1 and 4 are light up.
  • Step 4 :
    Select the game that you want to play (in the list above)
    If this is a Mame2010 game, make sure you selected the good core by pressing SELECT on the game name, than Edit medatadata game.
    Choose Libretro, Core >Mame2010 and start your game normaly.
    If this is a NES game, make sure you selected the good core by pressing SELECT on the game name, than Edit this game’s metadata.
    Choose LibretroFCEUMM* and start your game normaly.
  • Step 5 :
    For arcades games, use your player 1 controller, add some credits with Select and press start if it’s ask.
    For NES games, simply do as it’s ask in the game
  • Step 6 (optional, arcade only) :
    Some games are using a second button to launch some grenades or extra weapons
    How to :
    With your controller, go in Retroarch by pressing Hotkey + B
    Go to Input
    Go to Input User 1 Binds
    Press on User 1 Button 2
    With your Wiimote press DOWN on the directional buttons
    Press on User 1 Button 4
    With your Wiimote press LEFT on the directional buttons
    Leave Retroarch and continue to play, now you can fire the second weapon
    Note : I still didn’t find how to save this setup, so you’ll have to do it again after leaving a game
  • Step 7 :
    To leave a game, press Hotkey + Start on your first controller

Warning :
You may encounter some bugs if you have your overlays set up. Please desactivate them and try again.

List of tested games


———- A ———-
Alien3: The Gun (World)
———- B ———-
Beast Busters (World)
Blood Bros. (set 1)
Born To Fight
———- C ———-
Cheyenne (version 1.0)
Chiller (version 3.0)
Clay Pigeon (Version 2.0)
Combat (version 3.0)
Crackshot (Version 2.0)
Crossbow (Version 2.0)
Cycle Shooting
———- D ———-
Desert Gun
Dragon Gun (US)
———- E ———-
Egg Venture (Release 10)
———- G ———-
Golgo 13 (Japan, GLG1/VER.A)
Golly! Ghost!
———- H ———-
Hit ‘n Miss (version 3.0)
———- J ———-
Jurassic Park (World)
———- L ———-
Laser Ghost (World, FD1094 317-0166)
Lethal Enforcers (ver UAE, 11/19/92 15:04)
Lethal Justice (Version 2.3)
Lord of Gun (USA)
———- M ———-
Mechanized Attack (World)
Mobil Suit Gundam Final Shooting (Japan)
———- N ———-
N.Y. Captor
Night Stocker (10/6/86)
———- O ———-
One Shot One Kill
Operation Thunderbolt (World, rev 1)
Operation Wolf (World, set 1)
Operation Wolf 3 (World)
———- P ———-
Pirates (set 1)
Point Blank (World, GN2 Rev B, set 1)
Police Trainer (rev 1.3)
———- R ———-
Rail Chase (World)
———- S ———-
Shoot Out (US)
Showdown (version 5.0)
Space Gun (World)
Steel Gunner (rev B)
Steel Gunner 2 (US)
———- T ———-
Target Hits (Ver 1.1)
Tickee Tickats
Tut’s Tomb
———- U ———-
Under Fire (World)
———- V ———-
Vs. Duck Hunt (set DH3 E)
Vs. Freedom Force
Vs. Gumshoe (set GM5)
Vs. Hogan’s Alley (set HA4-1 E-1)
———- W ———-
Who Dunit (version 9.0)
Wild Gunman (PlayChoice-10) (PlayChoice-10)
Wild Pilot
———- Z ———-
Zero Point (set 1)
Zero Point 2
Zombie Raid (9/28/95, US)


———- D ———-
Duck Hunt
———- F ———-
Freedom Force
———- G ———-
Gotcha! The Sport! (requires gun and controller)
———- H ———-
Hogan’s Alley
———- L ———-
The Lone Ranger (gun optional)
———- M ———-
Mechanized Attack (gun optional) OK mais 2eme arme ?
———- S ———-
Shooting Range (requires gun and controller) OK
———- W ———-
Wild Gunman OK
3-in-1 Supergun (Unlicensed) OK


Thanks to KOT PRODUCTIONS for writing this tutorial