Bypass Download Limits with JDownloader

Most of the files you’ll find on the internet are hosted on cloud servers with limitations. The best method to get quick and high speed downloads would be to buy a subscription on the cloud provider. It doesn’t cost a lot and it’s really reliable.


Free methods

The best method is to use the reconnection feature on jDownloader. Bear in mind that it’ll only work if your internet provider gives you a new IP every time you restart the router. The second best option is to buy a VPN (NordVPN works great) which you can change your server to get a different IP. When you bust the limit, just change your server and reboot jDownloader. Otherwise with these steps you’ll be able to bypass the limits you may encounter.

  1. Get the latest JDownloader version.
  2. Get some working proxies (for example: Don’t take the first onces! 100% someone already used them. I will try my best to keep the list updated)
  3. Add Proxies under Settings > Connections, remember to set the right priority.
  4. Or configure jDownloader to reset you IP automatically.