Choosing The Right Emulation Project

This guide will help you choose the right emulation project to build your retro-emulation system. There’s a lot of projects out there and it can be complicated. That’s why we first suggest you read their website to help you better understand all of the different project available. Basically you’ll choose a project based on the system you want it on. Read below our recommendations.



This table shows you which applications are available depending on your operating system.


Windows Mac Linux Android More
Emulation Station


Operating Systems

This table shows you which operating systems are available depending on your hardware.

PC X86 PC X64 RaspberryPie Odroid Orange Pi More
Lakka ✓*



Our Recommendations

Based on our experiences, at the time we speak, we recommend the following.

For the ultimate multi emulation system we recommend LaunchBox. Get a Windows computer that can run Windows 10 with the best material your budget can handle. It’s as simple as the best material you buy the more recent consoles you’ll be able to emulate. You should easily find a 250$ used computer to run up to the PS3 and Wii systems. LauchBox cost only 20$ and is the most powerful, good looking, best community, compatible frontend you’ll ever get. It’s like the Plex of the emulators.

For restoring an old desktop computer, laptop, windows tablet, etc, we recommend Recalbox. It’s really efficient, lightweight, good community, EASY and have lots of updates. It’s easier to setup than Lakka.

For a small computer board, if you have the choice, we recommend Recalbox. If you want an easy and quick setup definitely go with Recalbox. On the other hand if you want more emulators, a more customizable system you could go with RetroPie.

In the end every projects got their pros and cons. Also depending on your hardware you may or may not have a lot of projects to choose from. Hope this information have helped you and good luck on building your retro system!